Positive reinforcement for pups & their people


Due to Covid, I have limited availability for training. 

I now work at A Well Adjusted Pet on Tuesday/Wednesday/Saturday.

I can do outdoor training during daylight hours on Monday/Thursday.

I can do Zoom sessions on Monday/Thursday-- afternoon or evening. 

Friday & Sunday are my days off. 


Consultation (1.5 hours) $175

  • We will do a Zoom or FaceTime session, so I can virtually meet your dog & all family members. 
  • I will learn about your situation, give you practical advice and potential strategies to manage your issues. 
  • I can demonstrate management and training strategies with our gates, crates, treats and toys, along with our Papillon & cat. 

  • For some people, this may be all they need!
  • Future training sessions (1 hour each) can be purchased individually or in a package. 
  • Any sessions will take place outside or virtually. I will not be entering clients' homes.

*Individual training session $110

*Package of 3 sessions $300

*Package of 5 sessions $500

Training session options:

Owner coaching~ I do training sessions WITH you and your dog.  

This gives you the tools to train and manage behavior. This is my typical style of training. I want you to learn how to manage the situation, so your dog can succeed. This can be virtually or outside. 

Dog training~ I do training sessions with your dog, WITHOUT you. 

Sometimes I may recommend that I do an individual session with your pup, but it's not my first choice.  Some people have so much stress about their dog's behavior, that sometimes it's easier if your dog takes a field trip with me, so I can get a better idea of the triggers. 


The first question people typically ask~ "How long will this take?"

  • Is this a puppy, who needs to build a foundation?

With puppies, the first 2 years is the crucial time to build the habits & behaviors that will last a lifetime.  Puppyhood is all about socialization, crate training, potty training and exploring hobbies & interests. 

Adolescence can be a difficult journey, so it's critical to expand those hobbies and interests, provide limited freedom and steer them towards safe choices. 

It's tempting to give dogs more freedom than they can handle, but like teenagers, they need to be supervised, to keep them safe. 

  • Is this a problem behavior that you want to modify?

I would expect it to take at least 3 months to change any behavior & establish a new habit. I can help you identify strategies to either modify behavior or simply manage the situation better.