Positive reinforcement for pups & their people


I am unable to take new clients at this time.

Good luck in your training journey!


Consultation (1.5 hours) $150

  • We will do a Zoom or FaceTime session, so I can virtually meet your dog & all family members. 
  • I will learn about your situation, give you practical advice and potential strategies to manage your issues. 
  • I can demonstrate management and training strategies with our gates, crates, treats and toys, along with our Papillon & cat. 

  • For some people, this may be all they need!
  • Future training sessions (1 hour each) can be purchased individually or in a package. 
  • Any sessions will take place outside, I will not be entering clients' homes. 

*Individual training session $100

*Package of 3 sessions $275

*Package of 5 sessions $450

Training session options:

Owner coaching~ I do training sessions WITH you and your dog OUTSIDE.  

This gives you the tools to train and manage behavior, but it can take longer to achieve ideal results.  (Personally, I prefer owner coaching, since you are the one living with the dog & are responsible for maintaining your dog's daily environment.)

Dog training~ I do training sessions with your dog, WITHOUT you. 

If we are trying to make some significant behavioral changes, this can take some pressure off you and speed up the process. Sometimes I may recommend that I do an individual session with your pup.  (For example- if your pup is very leash reactive, this could be creating stress in you, which increases your dog's reactivity.)


Dog training is like learning a new language, musical instrument or sport:

  • Just because I know the rules of playing basketball, doesn't mean I can play the game. And practice is necessary for even the most talented individuals.
  • Dog training is often more complicated than people expect, and the timing is everything. There is a learning curve when training your dog, so be patient with the process. :)
  • Training a dog is NOT like bringing a car to the mechanic. I can help your dog learn good social skills, but it is ultimately up to the family to maintain desired behavior.
  • Dogs are individuals, so they have their own learning timeline.  Some concepts may take more/less time to understand.
  • Most importantly, consistent repetition with high value rewards will produce the strongest behaviors.

The first question people typically ask-- "How long will it take?"

Where you are in the process?

  • Is this a puppy, who needs to build a foundation?

With puppies, the first 2 years is the crucial time to build the habits & behaviors that will last a lifetime.  My belief is, "Go big, or go home." Take every class you can, take every opportunity to give your dog the tools to navigate your vibrant & exciting life in San Francisco. 

  • Is this a long term behavior that you want to modify?

I would expect it to take at least 3 months to change behavior & establish a new habit. I can help you assess the situation & identify strategies to either modify behavior or simply manage the situation better.