Positive reinforcement for pups & their people

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Hi there! 

My name is Alisha Ardiana. I am a "Canine Relationship Facilitator."

I'd love to help you improve communication, strengthen your bond and understand how behavior works. 

I'm happy to answer your questions, give virtual advice, and possibly provide outdoor hands on coaching. 

San Francisco is an INTENSE city. I think a lot of us are just coping. 

But there are so many ways that we can help our dogs not just cope but THRIVE. 

My primary goal is for my client dogs to believe the world is safe. 

But I will settle for them to feel safe with their people..... 

Want to see us in action? 

See how my clients felt about my work with their adolescent dog, Asher in this video.

Read my article about teaching my dog to cooperate for nail trims in Bay Woof

Check out photos on Instagram & videos on YouTube 

General inquiries ~ info at empawthy dot com