Positive reinforcement for pups & their people



Mandatory initial consult (1.5 hours): $125

I visit your home to meet your dog & all family members. 

I will learn about your situation and give you practical advice and potential strategies to manage any issues. 

This may be all you need! 

Or we can set short & long term goals and decide if this will be accomplished thru owner coaching or dog training:

Owner coaching (1 hour): $100

I do training sessions with you and your dog.  This gives you the tools to train and manage behavior, but it can take longer to achieve ideal results.  (Personally, I still prefer owner coaching, since you are the one living with the dog & are responsible for maintaining your dog's daily environment.)

Dog training (1 hour): $100

I do training sessions with your dog, without owner participation. If we are trying to make some significant behavioral changes, this can take some pressure off the owner and speed up the process. 

SETTING THE BAR~ for past/current clients only 

Eager to take your pup to the bar, but nervous how it will go? 

Meet me for drinks at a local brewery. I will come with AMAZING treats from SFRAW, talk about dogs & help your pup settle & enjoy the scenery. 

$75+ beer 


Dog training is like learning a new language, musical instrument or sport:

  • Just because I know the rules of playing basketball, doesn't mean I can play the game. And practice is necessary for even the most talented individuals.
  • Dog training is often more complicated than people expect, and the timing is everything. There is a learning curve when training your dog, so be patient with the process. :)
  • Training a dog is NOT like bringing a car to the mechanic. I can help your dog learn good social skills, but it is ultimately up to the family to maintain desired behavior.
  • Dogs are individuals, so they have their own learning timeline.  Some concepts may take more/less time to understand.
  • Most importantly, consistent repetition with high value rewards will produce the strongest behaviors.

The first question people typically ask-- "How long will it take?"

Where you are in the process?

  • Is this a puppy, who needs to build a foundation?

With puppies, the first 2 years is the crucial time to build the habits & behaviors that will last a lifetime.  My belief is, "Go big, or go home." Take every class you can, take every opportunity to give your dog the tools to navigate your vibrant & exciting life in San Francisco. 

  • Is this a long term behavior that you want to modify?

I would expect it to take at least 3 months to change behavior & establish a new habit. I can help you assess the situation & identify strategies to either modify behavior or simply manage the situation better.