Positive reinforcement for pups & their people

Living in San Francisco can be stressful for dog families.

As a positive reinforcement dog trainer, I have worked with reactive dogs for several years. 

We adopted our Papillon at age 10 months, shortly before the pandemic started.

If you have to shelter in place, an adolescent Papillon is an excellent distraction!

Her name is Civetta, which is Italian for Little Owl. 

It's also slang for a girl who gets in trouble, and she lives up to her name. :)

I had many training goals, but I realized we need to KISS-

Keep it Simple, Stupid. 

What do I want for this dog?

I want her to be happy. 

Specifically, I want to ensure her happiness:

At home

In public

With veterinary care

In our absence

These goals have been challenging for me, but I’m happy with where we are at.
I believe many dog families would benefit from what we’ve learned.

I am starting a four week course to help dog families achieve these goals for happiness.

Details and sign up are available here

The trailer is available here