Positive reinforcement for pups & their people


In my 20 years as a veterinary technician, I worked with a wide range of species.  Animal health and well-being was my priority, but it rarely included their EMOTIONAL well-being. 

Now I am committed to observing animal behavior and promoting the human animal bond, based on mutual trust and respect.  This means giving animals choice-- and then rewarding the ones we like.  It is tempting to control our animals, to prevent them from making undesirable choices. But in my experience, I will see more behaviors when I give my animals increased freedom and opportunity.  

Let me be clear- I am still the parent/adult/human in all cases. I consider all my animal clients as three year old children, that need continuous guidance & care.  But my philosophy is that we should give our animals the chance to be the best versions of themselves, vs. the vision we have for them.

Or as Denise Fenzi says, "Train the dog in front of you."

Training a dog is like building any other good habit. You need to be consistent in your efforts before you see results. But once you get into the right routine, the daily investments will make a difference.

I can explain canine behavior to you, teach your pup better social skills & manners, and help you both THRIVE in San Francisco. Beyond their basic needs, dogs need mental stimulation, choice & freedom of movement. I can help you identify creative & easy ways to improve your dog's behavioral well being. 

"Training is much more than teaching your dog how to behave. It is a way of being with your dog. Be fair. Be kind. Be positive. Be as loyal and honest with him as he is with you. And most of all, be joyful together." - Pat Miller 

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